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CO2 Traffic Light, OL0119-G2

The precise CO2 traffic light OL0119-G2 is designed for indoor use and detects changes in CO2 concentration in ppm.

A high CO2 level is an indicator of a high level of aerosols in the indoor air. They remain suspended there for a long time and form one of the main transmission routes of COVID-19. Keeping aerosol exposure low in enclosed spaces thus also reduces the risk of corona infection. Our new CO2 traffic light helps with this.

Made in Germany
Up to 2 years of battery lifespan
No permament installation necessary
Big and clear visualization
Plug & Play
Freely configurable
Can be used as a data logger


The CO2 traffic light flashes brightly in the colours green (ok), yellow (critical) or red (too high), depending on the CO2 load, and helps you to initiate countermeasures such as cross-ventilation promptly. Too high a load is additionally signalled by a beep. This makes it possible to use the device in places that are difficult to see. The reliability of the OL0119-G2 is maintained even after years, as the system can continuously calibrate itself and is therefore maintenance-free.

Due to the particularly energy-efficient design, it is possible to monitor the CO2 values over a period of up to two years with only one commercially available 3.6V AA lithium primary cell. Alternatively, an external 5V/1A USB Micro-B power supply can be used. When operating with an external power supply unit, the display changes from flashing mode to continuous light!

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The CO2 traffic light can be adapted to your individual needs in every aspect with the help of the PC configuration tool. This same software interface also allows the sensor to be used as a CO2 data logger! This allows you to import the recorded data into almost all data processing programs in the simplest way. You can download the configuration tool here

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Voltage supply

  • 1 x 3.6V AA lithium primary cell 2.6Ah or
  • External DC power adapter 5V/1A to internal USB Micro-B socket

Battery life (primary cell, depending on on measurement frequency and display options)

0.5 - 2 years

Measurement method

NDIR CO2 sensor

Measurement channels and range

CO2, 0ppm...5,000ppm

Measurement accuracy at 25°C ambient temperature

  • CO2, +/-(50ppm +3% of the measured value) in the range 400ppm - 2000ppm
  • Outside the range +/-(50ppm +5% of the measured value)
  • Indications are valid for proper use of automatic self-adjustment

NDIR sensor lifetime

>15 years with proper use of automatic self-adjustment


  • Factory adjusted and linearized
  • Continuous temperature compensated
  • Additional automatic cyclic self-adjustment of the CO2 sensor over the entire lifetime

Limit values for traffic light function

  • Green < 1000ppm
  • Yellow 1000ppm - 1999ppm
  • Red >=2000ppm


  • In red, green or yellow backlit area realizes the traffic light function
  • When battery operation pulsed otherwise continuous light
  • Acoustic alarm when exceeding the upper limit (can be turned off)

Measurement frequency (factory settings)

  • 20s for measurements
  • Display for green measuring range (also corresponds to "ready for operation") every 60s
  • Display for yellow measuring range every 30s
  • Indication for red measuring range (+acoustic message) every 15s

USB port

In the housing, Micro-B jack for Power and Communication

Housing, mounting

  • Plastic ABS
  • Table stand made of stainless steel
  • Wall mounting via integrated hole for screws

Weight (without stainless steel base)

Approx. 70g incl. batteries


99mm Ø, 30mm deep



Temperature range Ta

  • Storage -40°C - 70°C
  • Operation 0°C - 50°C

RoHS Compliant


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