We are your solutions partner for OEM development in optoelectronics

  • Electronics development
  • Software development
  • Color measurement
  • Light measurement
  • Prototypes
  • Series manufacturing
  • Internet/IoT
  • 3D casing design
  • Optical accessories

Our know-how in optoelectronics for your innovative ideas

  • Development of OEM optical sensors
  • Design and production of accessories like optics and light guides
  • Factory calibration of light and color measuring instruments


  • Multi-spectral color measurement in process automation
  • Ultra-high-speed recognition of color marks in the printing industry
  • 100% functional testing of illuminated operating and functional units in the automotive industry
  • In-line calibration of RGB light sources in series production
  • Optical monitoring of baking, roasting and deep-frying processes in the food industry
  • Online measurement of color, gloss and transmission in the manufacture of foils and sheeting
  • Opacity and fluorescence measurements in laboratory automation
  • Predictive Maintenance, in particular in enclosed systems
  • Automated qualification of natural products on the basis of spectral characteristics
  • Quality assurance and efficiency assessment of lamps and luminaires in accordance with 244/2009/EG and 1194/2012

Our services to you

Electronics development

  • Schematics and PCB design using ALTIUM
  • Rigid and flex PCB design
  • 3D casing design using SOLIDWORKS
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Small-batch production
  • Support with CE certification
  • Integration of additive manufacturing technologies (3D printing)
  • Bills of material, layout diagrams, data sheets
  • Documentation
  • FPGA and PLD, based on schematics and Verilog
  • SoC and microcontroller systems
  • Customized temperature compensation and pre-aging

Software development

  • PC software in C++ and MFC-based
  • Integration of SQL databases
  • Microcontroller firmware in C/C++ and Assembler
  • ARM ‘Cortex-M’ and analog devices ‘Blackfin’ DSP
  • Real-time systems
  • TCP/IP, UDP implementation on microcontroller level
  • Internet-based tools

Light measurement

  • 1m ø integrating sphere for luminous flux measurement in 4π and 2π configuration
  • ¼m monochromator for UV/VIS and NIR, range 300nm ... 1800nm
  • Spectral calibration lamps
  • Calibrated references lamps for luminous flux, illuminance and output
  • All measurements are traceable to PTB or NIST standards

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