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HSBS-422 OEM Spectrometer, OL0050

The highly sensitive miniature optical spectrometer OL0050 is designed as an OEM module and for use in a protected environment. Its wide wavelength range from 350nm to 1060nm makes it possible to realize a multitude of different applications with the same basic device.

This is supported by a constantly growing number of accessories that can be easily and interchangeably combined in a modular system. In contrast to other miniature spectrometers on the market, the basic version of the OL0050 already integrates a very complex optical system.

The lens system of the optics realizes a 10mm diameter measured surface and a very narrow aperture angle whilst ensuring the optimal coupling of light into the optical bank of the core module, a unique monolithic miniature spectrometer module manufactured in Germany.

Compared to many other miniature spectrometers, it provides a unique basis for achieving not only a very high wavelength stability, but also a significantly better optical resolution of <7nm!

What is more, the evaluation electronics of the spectrometer are based on a detector with an electronic shutter (synchronous exposure of all pixels during the integration time) and is by a factor of 100+ more sensitive than most other miniature spectrometers.

It is this combination of precise entrance optics with a large measured surface and a very narrow aperture angle, high optical resolution and, above all, very high sensitivity that makes the OL0050 perfect for application in the measurement and calibration of screens and other panel lights. Using the threaded socket in the housing, the OL0050 can even be mounted onto a standard camera tripod, if required!

Together with the very wide integration time range of 100us to 60s, the electronic shutter enables using the OL0050 for LED testing and especially for color calibration of RGB, RGBW and other multichannel light sources in the automotive, aerospace and general lighting sector. Synchronous exposure of all pixels provided by the electronic shutter ensures that PWM modulation, usually applied for color mixing using multicolor LED, helps to prevent strong fluctuations in the measuring results. On other miniature spectrometers these can only be compensated through increased averaging, which in turn extends the measuring times in equal measure. However, color calibration, e.g. of RGB or RGBW LEDs used for ambient lighting in car interiors, when fully integrated into series production, is always a closed-loop process requiring a number of individual measurements. In this case, the net measuring time can very quickly become a knock-out criterion in such applications!

The exclusive combination of high optical resolution and very high sensitivity also makes the OL0050 a very appealing solution for applications in pharmaceutics, the chemical industry and biotechnology. For example, the open structure and easy integration into superordinate control systems can help to implement processes and apparatuses that had hitherto been impossible to realize in this form.

In these fields of application, technologies like fluorescence spectroscopy and similar optical processes are playing a vital role today. Generally, the useful signal levels in these applications are very low or the useful signal is overpowered by an excitation signal. The OL0050, however, enables the transition from the laboratory to the production process.

We support your application with our new optical OL0050 spectrometer as a basis. From the basic unit to specific adaptations and comprehensive software libraries through to 3D-printed special structures...

Let us know your needs! We bring your ideas to life!

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Technical data

Voltage supply 4.7V … 28V, with reverse polarity protection
Power input
  • 135mA@4.7V
  • 125mA@5V
  • 75mA@9V
  • 55mA@12V
  • 32mA@24V
Connection 24-pin ribbon cable, RM 2.54mm
Wavelength range
  • Calibrated for 360nm – 1000nm
  • Usable range <350nm – >1060nm
Number of effective pixels approx. 395
Pixel resolution ~2nm/pixel
Optics Lens system, focus ∞, 9mm Ø
Integration time
  • 100us - >60s
  • Simultaneous loading of all pixels (electronic shutter)
Electronic system 16 bit ADC
Calibration (basic configuration) Wavelength calibration
Optical resolution <7nm FWHM
Digital Out
  • DOUT1
  • DOUT2
Digital In
  • RS422, 230400 baud
  • ASCII-based protocol
  • 1 - 16
  • Full spectra are stored internally and are also accessible
Casing Plastic, glass fiber reinforced, painted black
Weight (without cable) 220 g
Temperature range
  • Storage -40°C - +60°C
  • Operation 0°C - +40°C
Type of protection IP30
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